Exciting IoT Trends

4 Exciting IoT Trends You Must Know in 2023

The progress regarding the unification of all the devices in the world has been tremendous in recent years. Many tech giants and tech enthusiasts believe in integrating all kinds of devices to serve people better and give them a pleasant lifestyle. Today, billions of devices exchange data with each other and communicate to get a lot of work done without manual interference. This network of devices, which are dynamic, self-adapting, and have unique identities, is only multiplying by the minute. This network is nothing but the Internet of Things.

Since the pandemic’s beginning, numerous technological advancements in IoT have made all our lives easier in unimaginable ways. Due to its integration with various other technical fields like data analytics, AI, Blockchain, etc., it has found a newfound interest amongst everyone due to its versatility in uses. And since this year was a beneficial one for the IoT sector, the coming year is a pretty exhilarating one.

Read along to know more about some of the most exciting IoT trends for 2023.

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1. IoT in the Healthcare sector

If you have watched Grey’s Anatomy, you would know how vital IoT devices are in a hospital! It also highlights the fact that IoT has been a favored interest among the medical sector ever since the early 2000s. Currently, there are nearly 700 million IoT devices used in the healthcare system!

Health and IoT have a long history as the innovation in both fields have pretty much walked hand-in-hand for a long time. But we should also note the fact that despite its already existing eminence in the healthcare system, it became a need of the hour since it got heavily incorporated into various devices.

CCTV cameras are being heavily installed and used to ensure the maintenance of proper social distancing guidelines. Day-to-day monitoring activities like remote patient monitoring, glucose monitoring, heart-rate monitoring, etc., are made possible due to IoT. A lot of this data is also being collected by data science researchers to develop better ways to help the patients. Given this overview of its importance, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that IoT will keep trending in the healthcare sector in 2023!

2. IoT in Enhancing Security

It is common knowledge that today billions of devices are connected to the internet, and the rate at which they are getting connected is growing expeditiously! With these vast numbers, there’s obviously a risk of attacks from the bad guys on the internet.

Given the safety issues regarding infiltrators accessing sensitive data, many firms are taking rigorous actions to provide more secure and rigid devices and release frequent security fixes. Embracing this vulnerability is definitely a trend that will be carried to 2023.

3. IoT integrated with ML, Analytics and Big Data

It is not unknown that sensory devices collect and transmit vast amounts of data for processing and analysis on a daily basis. This data is used to determine patterns and fetch meaningful conclusions.

Big data and machine learning are the sectors of technology that are heavily reliant on IoT for their functioning and will continue being reliant even in 2023. New IoT technologies, such as UMD-IoT, will spur the growth in IoT applications as well.

4. IoT in Manufacturing

IoT has been embedded into various applications like quality checks, supervision of factory tools, security, supply chain, etc. These days, the data collected from sensors affixed inside the factories is used to gather data and improve efficiency.

Exciting IoT Trends

Automating various processes inside a factory to reduce errors and other factors have proven immensely helpful for corporations. So it shouldn’t come off as a surprise to you that the applications of IoT in factories will only increase in the coming days.


IoT provides the best channel for the world in its quest for automation and robotics. Its prevalence and significance among every sector globally is a testament to its vast scope and future in the market. At this point, it wouldn’t be factually incorrect to say there are massive reserves of unseen IoT innovations that await as we dive into 2023.

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