how robotics is impacting supply chain

How IoRT is Making an Impact on Supply Chains

Internet of Robotic Things refers to the latest technology whereby intelligent robots make decisions using their sensory data and awareness of local conditions to monitor and manipulate events in their surroundings. For instance, a warehouse robot can move objects from one point to another.

The Internet of Things has revolutionized the workplace for a couple of years. Internet of Robotic Things has upped the pace by bringing about a significant disruption in the business world. This article will focus on the impact of the Internet of Robotic Things on supply chains.

Use of Robotics in Industry

Industrial robots are becoming popular in most factories globally. The reliance on robots is due to their higher productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A major revolution is underway in manufacturing by fusing the Internet of Things and Robotics. Internet of Robotic Things is streamlining supply chain operations and addressing e-commerce and warehousing challenges. Internet of Robotic Things has made industrial processes more efficient by reducing operation costs.

how IoRT is changing the world

The success of robotics in structured industrial operations is due to their higher accuracy levels, speed, endurance, and precision. The initial costs of introducing robotics to the supply chain were relatively high. However, in recent years robots have become affordable. The price drop of robotics has led to a higher uptake of robotics compared to the past.

Businesses are implementing a long-term strategy of integrating robotics with the Internet of Things endpoints to secure the entire supply chain and ensure seamless operations. This approach guarantees fewer system interruptions and prevents a possible loss in revenue while also providing valuable data insights.

The upsurge in the Internet of Robotic Things provides a projection that close to two million new robots will be installed in factories globally by the year 2022. The IoRT revolution has put Europe at the top with the highest number of robots. Europe has an average of 114 robotic units for every 10,000 employees in the manufacturing sector alone.

How Robots are Transforming the Supply Chain

IoRT is leading the automation of tasks that are core to supply chain operations, such as moving goods within a warehouse, a role that heavily relies on robots for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

how robotics is impacting supply chain

For instance, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are currently a staple in most warehouses. Other portable and sensor-driven equipment and Automated Guided Vehicles navigate the factory floor faster than human workers. Add to this the ability to work round the clock without taking frequent breaks ensuring that businesses can speed up operations while eliminating human error and accidents. Companies that have integrated the Internet of Robotic Things, such as AGVs, have seen an increase in supply chain productivity.

Leading the IoRT revolution are companies in manufacturing, packaging, transport, and logistics. The supply chain is naturally quite complex. The Internet of Robotic Things streamlines operations via automated functions that are process driven. Companies are able to increase production speed and meet the ever-rising demand for products. Furthermore, robots have a higher carrying capacity than human workers and do not experience dropping energy levels.

With the global rise in demand for fast delivery services of products and the growth in e-commerce, the Internet of Robotic Things is an intelligent solution for businesses to meet consumer expectations cost-effectively. Companies have been studying and implementing IoRT in the supply chain for a while. The latest research shows the uptake of IoRT will continue to rise as we move along.

The time has now come for companies to focus on increasing productivity and lowering costs by using robotics and exploring optimizing their IoRT systems as part of the entire supply chain.

Author: Salman Zafar

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