uses of IoRT

How the Internet of Robotic Things is Changing the World

The world has already experienced the transformation brought about by the internet of things. People are now moving onto a new concept that establishes efficient communication between devices while conveying data through the internet. This combines the internet of things and robotics to create the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT). Internet of Robotic Things is a concept that utilizes smart devices to monitor actions, amalgamate sensory data from varied sources, make intelligent conclusions and move physical objects. This article will delve into how the internet of Robotic Things is transforming our world in unprecedented ways.

how IoRT is changing the world

Components of Internet of Robotic Things

We have heard a lot about the internet of things connected devices such as fitness trackers and security cameras, but now we are combining these with robotics to create IoRT. When we take a closer look at the IoRT concept, we discover that it entails three essential components:

  • A Robot or a smart device that can monitor and collect data
  • Capacity to carry out data analysis using edge computing
  • Determining the best course of action by fusing sensory data with intelligence.

Applications of IoRT

We will look at real-life applications of IoRT changing our world in different fields.

1. Warehouses

You can now find robots navigating warehouses through barcode stickers placed on the ground. 6 River Systems is a company that used Google Cloud Services to create a warehouse Robot called Chuck. Chuck aids with inventory management at the company’s 25 warehouse locations. The Robot receives data from a network of sensors that help it navigate its environment and avoid obstacles.

2. Construction

In the construction industry, robots are automating labor-intensive functions that are life threatening, such as scaffolding and loading and offloading heavy equipment. At Veo Robotics Company, they have collaborative robots that use IoT sensors to gather data to help in detecting people in the vicinity. These collaborative robots allow workers to operate in a safe environment around giant machines.

3. Smart Home

The Internet of Robotic Things has a particular application in the home appliances category. For instance, IoRT can generate visual home maps and interact with cleaning devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners. This is only the beginning, and we shall soon see such smart home devices gaining prominence.

4. E-Commerce

The future of e-commerce is being shaped in a special way by the Internet of Robotic Things. There is an increase in the adoption of intelligent devices and robots to enhance customer experience. A good example is Amazon warehouse robotics, which can carry items while avoiding collisions.

5. Healthcare

Modern hospitals are employing IoRT-based robots to go into patient rooms to collect vital sensory data. Internet of Robotic Things makes it possible to monitor patients in real-time and remotely.

uses of IoRT

6. Agriculture

The Internet of Things is now fused with robotics to make advancements in precision agriculture. Robots can now carry out soil tests more efficiently than humans. The use of IoRT in agriculture will see a reduction in the number of farm workers and enhance productivity, both qualitative and quantitative.

7. Telepresence

A telepresence robot enables one to attend functions virtually by placing you at a remote location in an instant. A telepresence robot receives instruction from its operator through a computer or smartphone. The robot can interact with people using a video camera, speakers, and microphone. In one instance, a maid of honor attended her sister’s wedding using a telepresence robot because she couldn’t be there physically. She could interact with other guests and enjoy the wedding despite not being there.

Bottom Line

Internet of Robotic things rise in popularity is driven by market forces of demand and supply. The world is demanding new products and experiences. IoRT will enable businesses in different sectors to evolve and increase efficiency in their operations.

Author: Salman Zafar

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