how Blockchain and IoT will change industries for the better

Blockchain and IoT: A Step Towards a Digitized World

Have you heard that Blockchain is the next big thing in the world of the internet? Are you perplexed? Many individuals remain perplexed by Blockchain and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a byproduct of blockchain technology; the terms are not interchangeable.

With the advent of Blockchain, custom blockchain app development UAE, we are entering a digital world with improved security, privacy, and lower transaction costs.

Can’t we imagine a better world while amplifying the impact of the digital transformation with the rise of IoT?

blockchain in iot

What about Blockchain and IoT, which are digitizing the world?

IoT, often known as the Internet of Things, will include 30 billion “things.” It securely connects, collects, exchanges, and manages all of this data as it flows over a network of increasing IoT networks.

The same technology that blockchain uses to secure valuable and credible information without compromising the security mechanism.

How will the integration of Blockchain and IoT lead to a more digitized world?

Though they are interrelated terminology that serve the same objective, blockchain and IoT are not fully related. Blockchain in IoT can aid in the automation of business processes without the need for a centralized complex infrastructure. Though Blockchain and IoT both have their own set of issues, the combination of the two can bring much more to the table.

Let’s see how Blockchain and IoT will change industries for the better!

1. Supply-Chain and Logistics

The confluence of blockchain and IoT can aid in increasing the traceability of supply chain networks. Temperature sensors, motion sensors, and GPS sensors coupled to vehicles offer information regarding shipment status. The data collected by the sensors is recorded in the blockchain, providing the system with traceability, auditability, and transparency.

2. Smart Homes

You may remotely integrate the security of your home using IoT via centralized platforms on your cell phones. However, with a centralized structure, it is difficult to ensure optimal security. The network is subject to security risks due to security breaches. To address this issue, the technological combination of blockchain and IoT can be beneficial. Through the principles of cryptography, ownership, authentication, and security challenges on Blockchain’s decentralized platform could be resolved at a low cost.

3. Parking Solutions

Change brought about by innovation can provide solutions to existing challenges. With the advent of Blockchain and IoT, a popular innovation in offering parking solutions has emerged. A startup called NetObjex developed the concept of smart parking solutions using IoT and blockchain. Using IoT-based sensors, it is easier to locate available parking spaces and pay immediately using cryptocurrency wallets.

IoT sensors put in the parking lot can retrieve information such as the time the car has been parked and the vehicle number in order to access the connected wallet address. The data is recorded in the blockchain and smart contracts are triggered to automate payments.

4. Sharing Economy

Since the introduction of Blockchain, which provides a framework for Peer to Peer Transactions across decentralized distributed systems, the sharing economy business has expanded throughout the years, allowing you to share products and services as tangible items over a transmission network. Few businesses have made the transitional leap to Smart Contracts, which fulfill the purposes of security and data transparency.

how Blockchain and IoT will change industries for the better

5. Pharmacy

It is not difficult to conclude that the pharmacy industry is responsible for a number of fraudulent and spam cases, which have resulted in a decrease in medicinal quality and transparency in the transfer of medical supplies. The rising potential of blockchain in conjunction with IoT could revolutionize the medical business environment by tracking the shipment of goods and retaining legal ownership of authorized products via smart contracts for ownership rights.

6. Agriculture

The rising population has increased the requirement to cultivate more food while ensuring resource sustainability, raising the bar in improving the competence of processes around the world. The technical compatibility of blockchain and IoT has revolutionized the structure of the agriculture business while greatly improving food chain supply management.

io-based smart agriculture


We have clearly explained how Blockchain and IoT will pave the way for a digitized world and how it will develop industries with its exceptional technical abilities in this blog. With greater transparency, security, and traceability, the perfect combination of Blockchain and IoT would alter the world for the better.

Author: Salman Zafar

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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on custom blockchain app development. Your publication has stimulated me to bear in mind using this era for my business.

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on custom blockchain app development. Your publication has stimulated me to bear in mind using this era for my business.

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