how IoT is transforming modern enterprises

How is IoT Leading to Advancements in Business Development?

The world is evolving at flash speed. Each day, technologies and devices that were earlier standalone are getting connected to the internet. From robots to running shoes, these devices are equipped with sensors that enable them to be controlled and monitored remotely and collect big data.

Altogether known as the Internet of Things (IoT), these intelligent devices are revolutionizing modern businesses. In this blog, we’ll discuss how IoT is transforming modern enterprises.

Before we jump into the topic “How IoT is leading Us to Miraculous Advancements in Business Development?”, let us understand what IoT is.

Security of IoT devices

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system that contains intelligent devices deployed by enterprises. These devices are connected to the infrastructure and apps to control & monitor them and to collect and analyze the data they produce. For most businesses, IoT devices or systems are automated to execute operations with less manpower and human interaction. This often needs the use of cloud technologies like real-time analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Integrating these technologies allows highly complex tasks and processes to operate smoothly while the workforce can be essentially minimized. In the current scenario, IoT-enabled devices are used everywhere. As per the study conducted by Cisco, by the year 2030, 500 billion devices are anticipated to connect to the internet.

Domestically, these devices are used by people to control lights, heating, security cameras, and a lot more via smartphones or speakers. Speaking from a business perspective, companies use IoT-powered devices for logistics management, remote automation, server monitoring, energy management, remote employee management, etc. A report by IDC shows that global IoT expenditure is projected to hit $1.2 trillion by the end of 2022.

Effect of IoT on Business

Since 2011, IoT has had a substantial enormous impact on industries. It acts as a catalyst that drives industry 4.0, illustrating a new stage in the enterprise and control of the industrial value chain. Industrial 4.0 is established on cyber-physical systems, which are also known as smart machines. The IoT is also all about connecting devices, sensors, gateways, and platforms to organization solutions and strategies.

Enterprises can now make informed decisions and draft effective systems by consolidating all the data. This helps enterprises cater to the increasing demand for high-quality personalized goods at a lower price and in minimum turnaround time.

Nevertheless, the internet of things is more than just data collection. Data should also be analyzed and enhanced to offer actionable insights to organizations. This is where robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics come into the picture. These technologies are used in smartly developed apps to unearth hidden trends, help employees, and optimize business operations.

How is IoT leading to Advancements in Business Development?

1. Rich Customer Experience

The customer experience is one of the crucial aspects of the modern marketing strategy, with businesses going all out to appeal to the gradually growing consumer demand. They succeed from increased brand loyalty and essentially enhanced customer lifetime value.

IoT plays an integral role in increasing the customer experience as devices are used to harvest customer data from every possible touchpoint. Information smartphones, social media interactions, customer communications, home devices, website browsing and sales history are consolidated to extract insights that offer bespoke customer experiences that cater to the user’s needs.

2. Remote Work and Operations

The Internet of Things allows enterprises to engage in remote working at various previously inconceivable levels. An example that demonstrates this ideally is the da Vinci robotic system which was used by surgeons to conduct remote operations on patients.

The surgeon outlooks the patients in real-time while the connected robot is equipped with the instruments and mimics their hand movements. Another more advanced example is the real-time monitoring of airplane engines during flights, which allows specialized experts to remotely manage any issues that might occur.

IoT technology helps business owners operate their business or processes from anywhere in the globe. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every enterprise is dependent on remotely connected devices to help the workforce in working from home.

Organizations that operate on the go, like electricians, plumbers, delivery drivers, etc., have been leveraging IoT-powered devices for a long time. This helped them manage schedules, track productivity, order and gather equipment and parts, get customer signatures, and much more.

3. Productivity

Sensors installed into devices collect data that help enterprises increase productivity in all departments. From production to shipping delivery routes, processes and tasks can be executed swiftly, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. Employees’ workloads are also minimized, and the possibility for automation is enhanced, allowing enterprises to minimize staffing levels or enhance production.

how IoT is transforming modern enterprises

4. Cost minimization

The Internet of Things makes cost minimization easier for the business. Installing IoT-powered devices can save money on operations that will otherwise be done by humans. Tracking several processes or equipment, like cooling & heating systems, may come under this umbrella. As the data is logged in real time by a central system, a redundant trip by an operator can be avoided.

IoT helps companies by reducing unplanned downtime costs, generating a digital twin that can be used to track assets and execute complex simulations, and offering actionable insights into equipment and process improvements. IoT can also deliver manufacturing enterprises with resilience and agility, enabling them to thrive no matter what.


The proof of IoT’s application is crystal clear, as IoT is creating business opportunities for enterprises. It not only enhances revenue and efficiency but also assures that the best products and services are offered to customers at the right time. Businesses that have already incorporated the Internet of Things will observe increased opportunity as they become more customer-centric.

This means that integrating enterprises with IoT-powered devices can put them on the cutting edge of transforming business-consumer interaction trends.

Author: Salman Zafar

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