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4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Discord

Whether you’re a gamer or not, you should switch to Discord for a few reasons. First and foremost, it has a variety of benefits that attract gamers and game developers. The audio quality of conversations is crystal clear, and the software filters background noise. Moreover, you don’t have to set up specific game appointments with other users. Second, it has public and private servers so that you can converse with your friends or broader groups, brands, and more. Third, Discord is highly customizable and enables you to set up groups to which you belong. Finally, you can get seamless support from the Discord team and other users.

1. Safety

Discord’s safety features have prompted parents to switch their children from traditional chatrooms. While the platform has several parental controls, the need for mods and a set of rules makes it difficult to ensure a child’s safety. Parents should be aware of the risks and dangers of using Discord and understand how best to monitor it. Read on to learn about Discord’s safety features and how you can protect your child.

As with many social media platforms, Discord has its drawbacks as well. Many users have reported harassment and inappropriate content. This is especially concerning when young children are exposed to pornographic content. The platform can become addictive for young children and encourage cyberbullying, as well as foul language and unethical speech. For this reason, parents must switch their children from Discord to a more safe and kid-friendly platform.

2. Customizability

Discord has many customizable features, and knowing how to use them is important. To customize your Discord experience, swipe right on the main screen or tap the profile picture at the bottom-right corner. Click on Appearance and then select Accessibility. You can change the interface theme and enable the Dark sidebar in the Appearance section. Message display can also be customized. You can choose from various display modes, including Cosy, Compact, and Wide. Making the appropriate choice may significantly alter how you see chats and discussions.

For example, a room moderator could use tools to keep track of members, flag certain users, and manage music streams. These tools would be useful for different types of rooms and require different customization options. Customizability is a major benefit of using Discord, and the API allows you to build your applications for the platform. With a little time and coding knowledge, you’ll have a fully functioning and customizable messaging platform in no time.

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3. Security

When looking for a voice, video, and chat service, one of the most popular choices is Discord. Although the company claims to prioritize security and does not sell users’ data, you should know that Discord is not built for encrypted communication. While it does offer standard encryption, it does not provide end-to-end encryption, which is important for video chats. Here are some security reasons to switch to Discord.

Discord’s bounty program rewards security researchers who find vulnerabilities in its application. You don’t have to give away any personal information to join Discord; all you need is your email address. Several features provide extra security, including two-factor authentication, privacy settings, notifications, and personalization. The company is working to improve security further, making the service even more secure. You can read more about security on Discord’s official website.

why switch to discord

4. Control

There are several reasons to keep your kids safe on Discord. Parents should know what their child is doing on the app and how to use parental controls on their mobile devices. You can also use Discord parental controls for computer users to monitor their conversations with others closely. Discord has many adult content servers, and users should be careful not to invite a child under 18 unknowingly.

While Discord allows kids to spend money on other users, teaching them about money management is important. There are paid-only servers and donation channels. Users can also monetize their YouTube videos. Parents should discuss how much money to spend on their children’s accounts. You can also teach your kids how to set up their budgets and manage money. This way, they will feel included if their friends start spending money.

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