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Is AutoCAD Software Free?

AutoCAD is perhaps the world’s most well-known computer-aided design (CAD) software, used by architects, engineers, and designers to create detailed 2D and 3D technical drawings. But with this powerful functionality comes a cost – AutoCAD certainly isn’t cheap! So is there any way to access AutoCAD for free? Let’s investigate the options.

Can I Use AutoCAD For Free As A Student?

Yes, students can use AutoCAD for free through the Autodesk Education Community. Autodesk provides a Student License, granting access to a full version of AutoCAD for educational purposes. This enables students to hone their skills in computer-aided design.


Additionally, Autodesk occasionally offers promotions and discounts for students, making it even more accessible. To explore potential savings, students can check for ongoing promotions and use an Autodesk promo code when purchasing or subscribing to AutoCAD.

These promo codes may provide additional benefits, ensuring that students can harness the power of AutoCAD for their academic and learning endeavors at a more affordable cost.

Is there a free version of AutoCAD for non-commercial use?

For non-commercial hobbyist use, AutoCAD does make a free option available:

  • AutoCAD LT – This is a lower-capability version of AutoCAD, but still provides ample functionality for basic 2D drafting and documentation. AutoCAD LT is free for personal projects.

Some limitations apply, such as only being able to work on drawings smaller than 256MB and limited file export options. But for smaller-scale personal or hobbyist work, AutoCAD LT may suffice at the attractive price of free!

How long is the free trial period for AutoCAD?

The free trial period for AutoCAD, offered by Autodesk, typically spans 30 days. During this time, users can explore the comprehensive features of AutoCAD, gaining a thorough understanding of its capabilities. This trial duration allows individuals to assess whether the software aligns with their specific needs before committing to a purchase.

If you are interested in Autodesk products and seeking a discount, it’s advisable to explore promotional offers or check for any available Autodesk Inventor discount code. These codes, when applicable, can provide valuable discounts on Autodesk software, including AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor, enhancing accessibility for users with budget considerations.

Can I get a free version of AutoCAD for personal projects?

For enthusiast hobbyists working on personal CAD projects at home, a few options exist to access AutoCAD at no cost:

  • AutoCAD Web and Mobile Apps – Streamlined CAD drawing and drafting on internet browsers or iOS/Android devices. Key functions like DWG file compatibility are free.
  • AutoCAD LT – As mentioned above, the lower capability LT software is available at no cost for home use.
  • AutoCAD Student Version – If you can verify student status, apply for the free 3-year AutoCAD student license even as a hobbyist.
  • Free Trials – Make the most of 30-90 day free trials for personal projects before time expires.

While features are limited compared to the professional version, these options allow hobbyist makers and enthusiasts to dabble in CAD design for their DIY projects for free.

Is AutoCAD available for free on mobile devices?

Yes, AutoCAD does offer free mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Users can download the AutoCAD mobile app to gain access to DWG drafting, drawing, and editing tools right on their smartphones or tablets.

Key functions like measurements, AutoCAD file compatibility, and basic 2D drawing features are available for free. The mobile app provides a streamlined AutoCAD experience optimized for mobile touch screens and on-the-go usage.

While not as full-featured as the desktop application, the AutoCAD mobile app grants basic CAD capabilities without any cost, making it easy for users to do light drafting and design while traveling or out of the office.

free version of AutoCAD

Are there alternatives to AutoCAD that are completely free?

While AutoCAD is the industry standard commercial CAD software, some free and open source options exist as potential alternatives. These include:

  • LibreCAD – Open source 2D CAD tool inspired by AutoCAD’s interface. Good for hobbyists and basic drawing.
  • FreeCAD – Free and open source parametric 3D modeler suitable for engineers. Modular architecture.
  • Blender – Popular open-source 3D creation suite with CAD and modeling capabilities in addition to animation tools.
  • NanoCAD – Lower capability 2D and 3D CAD software with a familiar user interface. Lacks some advanced AutoCAD features.

For students, hobbyists, and budget-conscious startups, these free tools allow basic CAD drafting and modeling without the AutoCAD price tag. However, they come with trade-offs in capabilities, features, and professional support. AutoCAD remains the fully-featured premium CAD software standard.


While the full-featured professional version of AutoCAD requires purchase or subscription, free options do exist. Students can access educational licenses, enthusiasts can leverage free trials, lite apps, and hobbyist versions, and open-source alternatives also provide an entry point.

But for advanced capabilities and industry standards, AutoCAD remains the CAD tool of choice for architects, engineers, and designers.

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