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Delivery Everything Apps for Home Goods and Furniture

Now and then, delivery businesses often need help to digitally transform their physical business with the same efficiency. The same is said for website-backed online businesses that need help molding themselves to meet the demands of the modern user. Whatever the case may be, one thing that can be found common is that the price factor is usually put into a different perspective with each mode of communication. For instance, the traditional way includes cash payments and credit cards, and now modern delivery apps use wallets, credit-debit cards, and cash. Let’s understand this with a key focus on top Home Goods and Furniture delivery apps.

Most Popular Delivery Everything Apps For Home Goods And Furniture

1. Uber Connect

Uber Connect is a same-day package delivery service that sends almost anything from one location to another in the local area, usually within an hour. It’s like using Uber to request a driver through the app. Still, instead of getting into the car, the user can do the same for home goods and furniture delivery. The utility of Uber Connect is quite obvious, as it is a low-hassle solution for the occasional transport of important documents or packages as well.

2. Lalamove

Lalamove is a leading last-mile intra-city delivery startup operating in over 130 cities across Asia, disrupting the traditional logistics industry. Through its platform, Lalamove connects millions of customers with professional motorcycle, van, and truck drivers with innovations such as instant order matching, GPS vehicle tracking, and 24/7 services, among others. Essentially, Lalamove is a crowdsourcing model for logistics that supports the swift transportation of home goods from one source to another.

3. GoShare

Dubbed the “Uber of Trucks,” GoShare connects people who have trucks with consumers who need help with moving or delivery. GoShare primarily works with big box furniture retailers to provide delivery services with local pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box truck owners in real time. One thing that sets GoShare apart is that their drivers get 80 percent of the final value of the job with them, as they are the lifeblood of the organization. In terms of workflow and functionality, GoShare has been compared to Uber and Lyft for moving and delivery assistance.

One or two background-checked and insured professionals arrive within the hour or may be scheduled in advance. Every professional must also maintain high reviews to stay active on the platform. Overall, GoShare is the ideal solution for home goods and furniture delivery of large, bulky items. The app also offers junk hauling, small moves, classified sale pickups, and more.

4. Lugg

Lugg connects users with pre-vetted professional movers in a fast, easy, and affordable way. It’s the perfect alternative to traditional movers to help with moving, home delivery, hauling, and junk removal. Essentially, it is like having a friend with a truck who’s available at any time for on-demand. Lugg can move anything in the back of a pickup or box truck, such as IKEA purchases, etc. It works like a ride-hailing app where the user has to enter the location and destination along with the photo of the item to be moved.

The app then connects with an available mover immediately, who shows up within 15 to 45 minutes. All payments are handled within the application, including base fare plus per mile and per minute of travel time. In contrast to GoShare, Lugg keeps 80% of the fare by providing a platform for logistics, and the remaining portion goes to the place from where the furniture was bought.

5. Dolly

Dolly connects users to local professionals with pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks easily and affordably. It specializes in moving apartments or big and bulky items from home goods and furniture retailers. The drivers are called Dolly Helpers, and they are background-checked, insured, and backed by the Damage Protection program. The app was introduced to the market in 2015 and claims to have completed over a million successful trips.

best delivery app for home goods and furniture

6. DeliveryApp

DeliveryApp is a tech-based delivery business based in Manchester that connects customers to a network of courier drivers within minutes. Features like real-time deliveries and tracking information allow users to move complex multi-drops to their fingertips.

Essentially, DeliveryApp empowers home goods and furniture businesses effortlessly through technology and innovation across the UK via a user-friendly platform. Moreover, users can schedule deliveries, track them in real-time, and customize the drop location as per their preferences.

7. Bungii

Bungii is a mobile app that provides on-demand moving and delivery services, offering people with the requirements the opportunity to earn extra cash while working full-time. With Bungii, drivers can earn up to $40 per hour part-time or when it is more convenient for them.

Like Uber or Lyft, Bungii connects users with a local driver and pickup truck to move furniture instead of people. Once a customer has requested a driver, they will provide details about pick-up and drop-off locations and the items that need to be delivered. Upon request acceptance, drivers will complete the delivery and receive payment for their services through the app itself.

8. Shiply

Shiply matches consumers moving goods with delivery companies and has been hailed as the UK’s largest online transport marketplace. Shiply offers its services in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain and now provides a valuable domestic service in these countries. Moreover, the site routinely helps users find drivers to send furniture and other goods thousands of miles across the EU.

With the help of the Shiply app, users can list items and get competitive quotes from the site’s network of transport providers. Its service ranges from simple delivery jobs to specialist car transporters, and it specializes in the arrangement of all manner of goods and vehicles. Since 2008, Shiply has also helped tens of thousands of customers find cheaper houses to lower the cost of relocating.

How To Launch a Delivery Everything App?

If you are planning to start a delivery company, creating a delivery app is the first step to success. However, it is a long process that takes months and sometimes years to complete. Instead, modern entrepreneurs are starting to switch to clone app development services to buy a ready-made app as an early start to their careers. This method has become increasingly popular as buying a clone gives a significant boost and control from the initial run.

Here, you don’t need to hire app developers to start creating the app from scratch. Instead, you’ll test the demo of the delivery app and buy from a reliable third-party app developer. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the support of a white-label firm that deals with clone app development as part of their portfolio. See the video testimonials related to home goods and furniture apps and understand all the features that the app will provide to your customers.

Finally, start the white-labeling process by providing your business details, like name, logo, color, SMS and payment gateway preference, language, and currency. It takes around 1-2 weeks to complete, and your delivery app enters the market ahead of the competition easily.


Since the wave of app-based delivery has penetrated the market, many website-based retail giants have found a haven for their business expansion. If you want to attain the same success, then don’t limit yourself to just creating a website; build a delivery everything app to get customer orders far more easily and efficiently.

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